Developing Your Back with 5 Safe Exercises

By Dr. Levi Harrison   Developing a strong and balanced back will enhance your posture and balance your physique. Here are some basic tips to help you safely on your journey. Before beginning any exercise program, it is imperative to review your goals and exercise plans with your doctor or health care practitioner. This strategy…

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Get super fit with Dr. Levi’s Superset Strategy

Supersetting is a great way to add variety to your exercise routine and to elevate your muscular endurance and strength to a new level. Your body will respond well to supersetting; yet, caution is still recommended.   There are several types of supersets but the type that I commonly recommend is the “antagonist superset”. The…

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Home exercise equipment for yourself and your family

Home exercise is a great alternative to going to the gym for multiple reasons. You are able to work out in the comfort, privacy and cleanliness of your home. Home exercise takes out many factors, such as competition, comparison, envy or judgment. As a physician/ surgeon, I constantly remind my patients that, “The gym is where…

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Weight training for women: top 5 reasons from Dr. Levi Harrison

  Weight training is extremely important for women of all ages. It should be an integral part of any woman’s fitness regimen. This type of training will not only provide the outer beauty benefits but will also give measurable internal health benefits.   Here are 5 very important reasons why women should use weights for…

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7 Tips to avoid weight gain during the Holidays

By D. Levi Harrison, MD   As an orthopedic surgeon and fitness expert, I am asked questions about weight loss and fitness. These questions are asked even more during the holidays. Gaining weight during one holiday season can occur easily if you are not focused about maintaining your weight during this time of year. Over…

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5 Running Tips from Dr. Levi Harrison

By Levi Harrison, MD Orthopedic Surgeon   #1. Wear sunscreen/ sunblock even when it is overcast or cloudy outside to have protection from harmful rays of UV-A and UV-B light.   #2. Wear a cap when running to not only impede sweat in your eyes, but also to protect the crown of your head from…

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